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SZSWC is a Professional Training Centre of National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and World Underwater Federation (CMAS) etc., and we assure you will receive the best training in recreational diving in Shenzhen, China (PRC).  Courses available include but not limited to: All levels of Scuba Divers, Technical Divers, Rescuers and First Aiders, Diving Specialties, Nitrox Divers, Rebreather Divers, Dive Leadership Courses, Dive Instructor Courses and Instructor Trainer Workshop etc.. For Progression of Dive Training, Contents and Schedules of Training Courses, please browse [Basic Scuba Course] and/or [Discounted Combined Courses].

All levels of NAUI, PADI and CMAS courses are available at SZSWC upon request.  Diver qualifications are generally acceptable for crossover from one to another.  For Cross References of Dive Certifications, please browse [Cross References of Certifications].

SZSWC's Instructors, Instructor Trainers and Course Directors are highly qualified and experienced educators, all students can be assured that they are receiving the finest diving education available.  For the qualifications and experiences of our Teaching Instructors, please browse [Our Instructors]. Quality Difference!

All registered students of SZSWC may enjoy Free Entry (100) and first-year subscription (300) to join our Dive Club and are entitled to membership discount on equipment purchasing, dive activities and other benefits valid through the end of March next year. Please browse [Member Privileges] for more information.

It is highly recommended that Foreigners who participate in diving activities at Dapeng Peninsula should always bring along with their Passport or Residential Permit for security check.  For the location of our Dive Activity Centre at Dapeng, please browse [Road Map to Office and Dive Activity Centre].


The combination of exceptional leadership, sound educational materials, and true concern of students has resulted in our most respectable (zero accident) safety record in the recreational diving community since 1989.  All students can be assured that they are receiving the finest diving education available and will become the best and the most respectable divers and dive leaders in the diving community.  Our Instructors would not accept anything less..... and neither should you.  Remember, quality of the diving instructions contributes to the major difference of students’ attitude and safety.  Scuba Diving is wonderful, but you get what you paid forYour safety is your prime concern.  And ours too!


Some unique dive sites and/or liveaboard diving required Advanced Diver and/or Nitrox Diver Certifications for participation.  Obtained an Advanced Diver and Nitrox Diver Certifications before departure for dive adventures is highly recommended.

Advanced Diver Course

It is an enjoyable program of continued and supervised experience that is designed to introduce divers to a variety of diving activities, the course will be taught entirely in an openwater setting.  There are Six Topics to be covered: Deep Dive, Night Dive, Underwater Navigation, Buoyancy Control, Underwater Hunting/Collecting and Using Dive Computer.  Academic lessons will be conducted at SZSWC during the Openwater Training.  Class Size is 3 - 6.  The course schedule is extremely flexible, students may complete the Course over One Weekend (2 Days / 1 Night) or during an overseas dive trip organized by our Dive Club.

Nitrox Diver Course

For those Liveaboard Divers, Oxygen Enriched Air (Nitrox) is highly recommended.  All Enriched Air Nitrox Mixes have more oxygen and less nitrogen than in normal air, it helps to allow longer no-stop dive times, special value in repetitive dives and reduction of nitrogen in the body (Decompression is significantly less).  The course will be taught entirely in an openwater setting including Academic Training and two Nitrox Dives over One Day. For detailed course information, please browse [Nitrox Diver Course].

Other continue education courses, such as [Rebreather Course] are also available upon request.






Advanced Diver Course


ADC Day 1 Academic and Openwater Training including Night Diving

0900 - 2130 hrs / Dong Shan Dive Centre


ADC Day 2 Openwater Training

0900 - 1700 hrs / Dong Shan Dive Centre

Dates in Red Colour are to be confirmed


Advanced Diver Course Package (Class Size is 3 - 6)4,300 per student.  Students may complete the Course in One Weekend (2 Days / 1 Night) including night diving at openwater area near our Dive Activity Centre.
Private Class (1-2 Students):6,500 per student.

Nitrox Diver Course Package (Class Size is 3 - 6)3,500 per student. Students may complete the Course in One Day including academic training and 2 Nitrox dives at openwater area near our Dive Activity Centre.
Nitrox Diver Course can be taken together with other upgrade courses, Discounted Combined Course Package is available
2,500 per student.

Private Class (1-2 Students):6,000 per student.

Advanced Diver + Nitrox Diver Combined Courses Package (Class Size is 3 - 6) is available at6,800 per student (Original 7,800, saving of one day). Both courses will be combined and completed in One Weekend (2 Days / 1 Night) including night diving. Benefits of taking the Combined Package are time and money saving, and well prepared for overseas adventures.
Private Class (1 - 2 Students):9,000 per student.

All Course Packages do not cover any Diving Insurance, students are advised to arrange his/her own Insurance, if required.

The Advance Diver Course Package covers:


Tuition, Examination, Certification, Textbook and Diver Logbook.


Rental of Dive Equipment and Underwater Torch for the Course.


Free Entry to join our Dive Club and are entitled to membership discount on equipment purchasing, dive activities and other benefits valid through the end of March next year. Please browse [Member Privileges] for more information.


Should you required land transportation and accommodation:
Luohu / Dapeng land transportation (4-seats Saloon) is available at
about500 (round trip).
Motel Air-conditioned Room nearby our Dive Activity Centre
is available at¥300 -¥400
/ Night.



Certified Openwater Diver of any recognized agency or CMAS 1 or 2 Stars Diver.


Good health conditions.


SZSWC offered NAUI, PADI, CMAS and TDI courses and certifications as required. Graduates of course students will be certified as per courses and levels that signed up.  All certifications earned are internationally recognized and considered competent to engage in openwater and/or nitrox diving activities without direct supervision.


Basic and Advanced Diver Course Packages are normally including rental of dive equipment for the full course, however, students are strongly advised to have their Personal Dive Equipment for the Course (such as Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins and Wetsuit) for better adaptation and performance. Discounted equipment packages including masks with corrective lens are available for students.  Please browse [Dive Equipment] for products information and discounted packages.


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