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Mr Kin-Kwong Li from Hong Kong is a Registered Marine Engineer and Licensed Commercial Diving Instructor, he earned his Professional Registration in the UK, USA, Canada, China (PRC) and Hong Kong since 1987.  Mr Li has been involved in various Marine Engineering and Commercial Diving projects above and under the water for more than 40 years in Hong Kong and China (PRC).

The desire to train quality divers and promote diving related education led to the formation of Hong Kong Institute of Scuba Training Ltd. (HKIST) and Scuba World Club (SWC) in Hong Kong in 1990 and Scuba World (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. (SZSWC) in Shenzhen, China (PRC) in 2004.  As a Professional Engineer and Diving Instructor for over 30 years, Mr Li has trained and certified more than 4,000 students including 300 Professional Instructors.  He will continue to provide all levels of training courses to enable you to become the best and the most respectable divers and dive leaders in the diving community.  

With his sound experiences in marine engineering and commercial diving, Mr Li has been inviting as an Expert Witness at the High Court in Hong Kong to provide expert opinions and advises on marine, recreational and commercial diving accidents since 1998.

Mr Li's Marine Engineering Company in Hong Kong - Kinetic Key Company Limited (KKCL) is currently an Exclusive Diving Contractor of the Hong Kong Government Dockyard and responsible for providing emergency underwater services to over 200 Government Vessels patrolling in Hong Kong water.  For further information, please browse

Professional Qualifications of Mr Kin-Kwong Li:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Chartered Manager - Canadian Institute of Business Administration (C. Mgr., CIBA)
Fellow - Institute of Marine Engineers, Science and Technology (FIMarEST)
Fellow - Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (FHKIE)
Fellow - Hong Kong Institute of Marine Technology (FHKIMT)
Member - Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (MCSNAME)
Course Director - National Association of Commercial Diving Specialists (NACDS)
Course Director - National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
National Instructor - World Underwater Federation (CMAS)
National Instructor - Chinese Underwater Association (CUA)

National Instructor - Hong Kong Underwater Association (HKUA)
Diving Supervisor - Chinese General Administration of Sports Registration
Diving First Aid Instructor - NAUI powered by Diver Alert Networks (NAUI-DAN)

First Aid Instructor - National Safety Council (NSC)
Nitrox and Rebreather Instructor - Technical Diving International (TDI)
IRB Instructor - Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB)
Grade 1 Pleasure Vessel Operator Certificate (Hong Kong
Marine Department)


National Association of Commercial Diving Specialists (NACDS) is a recognized Training and Certification Agency for Commercial Divers and Instructors in the United States, the Course standards meet the requirements of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).  Scuba World Group in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China (PRC) is an Authorized Professional Training Agency of NACDS for China (PRC) and Asia Pacific.  Mr Kin-Kwong Li is a Course Director of NACDS and has been providing the Commercial Diver and Diving Supervisor Courses in Hong Kong and China (PRC) since 1991, more than 100 Commercial Divers, Supervisors and Instructors have been trained and certified.  For inquiry, please feel free to contact Mr Li on Tel.: (86) 138 2522 3300 (852) 6952 8400 or E-mail / .


The primary objective of the NACDS Commercial Diver and Diving Supervisor Courses is to ensure that graduates can safely and effectively perform or supervise the necessary duties for each dive team station, both topside and underwater in accordance with the OSHA standards.  Commercial divers should have advanced diving knowledge and skills, with substantial open water diving experience in a variety of environmental conditions.  Certified Commercial Divers should be proficient at working underwater with Scuba, Tethered Scuba and Surface-Supplied Air Diving System with Voice Communication.


The Basic Commercial Diver Course consists of:


Two (2) Days Academic Training


Four (4) Days Openwater Training

Minimum Class Size is 6.  Training schedules may be agreed among class students.

The training will be scheduled in three phases:

Phase 1

Advanced diving technology and techniques consisting of a comprehensive knowledge and experiences covering the areas of : diving physics, physiology, medical aspects, decompression, rescue techniques, first aid & CPR, Automatic External Defibrillator, oxygen first aid, commercial diving equipment maintenance and repairs, underwater working techniques, commercial diving standards and procedures etc.

Phase 2

Each student learns how to perform at the six duty stations for a surface-supplied-air-dive team, which includes: Diver, Tender, Safety Diver, Air Console Operator, Record Keeper, and Dive Team Supervisor.

Phase 3

Commercial diving projects, tailored to the specific skills that are appropriate for that team. We may be working with marine engineers, boat maintenance divers, public service rescue dive teams, fisheries harvest divers, marine Investigators, etc.


During the 1970, it became apparent that the problems required to train commercial offshore oil field divers were very technical and extensive, while sport diving training was going more towards the short, less technical programs and vacation oriented divers.  At the same time, there was a growing need for divers to perform professional tasks in shallow water that required training in advanced diving technology and surface-supplied diving with communication, but not to the extent of the 6 months to two years courses being offered through commercial diving schools and colleges.

There was, and still is, another dilemma to deal with.  Throughout the world there are hundreds of small companies and public safety / service agencies that need their dive teams trained and qualified to work underwater using surface-supplied diving equipment with voice communication.  It is simply not feasible for an entire team to attend a commercial diving program.  It is not affordable and some, or all of the divers, do not speak English well enough to learn at one of these schools.

In 1983, at The Ocean Corporation Commercial Diving School in Houston, TX, a team of Professional NAUI and Commercial Diving Instructors, under the direction of Thomas Hemphill, created a short training program called "Commercial Scuba Diver".  The primary objective at that was to provide specialty commercial diver training for experience/advanced Scuba divers and public service dive teams.

The National Association of Commercial Scuba Divers (NACSD) was found and qualification standards for NACSD Divers and Instructors were established.  By the end of 1993, more than 400 Commercial Diving Specialists and 50 Commercial Diving Instructors had been trained and certified by NACSD.

In March of 1994, after reviewing the students' backgrounds and requests from the association membership, the Board of Directors elected proposed to change the Name of the association to the National Association of Commercial Diving Specialists (NACDS).   The term "Scuba" was deleted in order to more accurately represent the training programs because very few of the members were actually using Scuba for working underwater and most of the training programs being conducted focused on surface-supplied diving.  The current Executive Director of NACDS is Phillip E. Graf, who is also providing Underwater Services and Training in the U.S.A.


We are primarily working with people that are already in the Marine / Hyperbaric related industry, simply allow them to perform underwater the same tasks that they are qualified to do on topside. The unique features of our NACDS programs include:


We are able to travel to all areas, worldwide, and train entire dive teams in their environment with their equipment.


We also train the topside, non-diving team members who need to learn how to set-up, operate and maintain the diving systems, and who must understand the medical aspects of diving, decompression calculations, tending techniques and chamber operations.


We tailor the training projects to focus on the special skills that the dive team will be doing, so as not to waste time teaching unnecessary skills.


We issue NACDS Commercial Diver Certifications as well as NAUI Master Diver and NAUI-DAN Professional Diving First Aid Certifications for Entry-level and Supervisor candidates.


Our primary program meets the OSHA Standards for Commercial Diver Training for shallow, umbilical diving on air.


Upon successful completion of the basic course, graduates fulfilled all the course requirements will be certified as NACDS Commercial Diver or NACDS Commercial Diving Supervisor (for those eligible and with working experiences), and are considered competent to engage in air diving activities not exceeding 190 f.s.w. (57 m.s.w.) with Scuba, Tethered Scuba and Surface-Supplied Air Diving Systems with Voice Communication.  Graduates are also qualified to apply for admission into more technical-commercial training programs, such as Underwater Welding & Cutting, Enriched Air Diving, Dive with Rebreather and NDT Inspection etc.



Age - Minimum 18 years


Education - Should have a high school graduate or obtained a waiver from the Course Director


Dive Qualification - Rescue Diver and Master Diver Certifications from any recognized Training Agency (required prior to admission.  Students may take our Combined Course Packages to fulfill this requirement)


Dive Experience - Must have completed and logged at least 50 Openwater dives


Medical - Must have an approved diving medical examination within the past 12 months


Valid Professional Diving First Aid / CPR Certificates (required prior to graduation. Students may take our Combined Course Packages to fulfill this requirement)

Note: Students who are Certified Commercial Divers or Certified Scuba Instructors of any recognized organization, may request for the Combined Course Packages to upgrade directly to Supervisor Level upon course completion.


Most of the NACDS Instructors are also certified Scuba Instructors of recognized agencies and are qualified to teach advanced diving technology and advanced specialty diving.  There are three qualification levels for our NACDS Instructors, which are:

Level 1


Certified Scuba Instructors qualified to teach Advanced Diving Technology, Diving First Aid/CPR Course for Professional.


Graduated in NACDS Instructor Training Course.


Has minimum 1 year practical experience as a commercial diver.

Level 2


Certified NACDS Instructor qualified to teach Commercial Diving Specialists Courses and Advanced Specialty Diving Courses.


Qualified to teach NACDS Commercial Diving Supervisor Course.


Has more than 2 years practical experience as a commercial diver.

Level 3


Certified NACDS Instructor Trainer qualified to teach all commercial diving courses and leadership training programs.


Graduated in NACDS Instructor Trainer Workshop.


Has participated as a staff member in at least one of the NACDS Instructor Training Course.


Has more than 4 years practical experience as a commercial diver.



NACDS Commercial Diver Course (Min. Class size is 6) (For Master Diver and First Aider of any recognized Agency)
Course Duration
: 6 Days (2 Days Academic + 4 Days Openwater)
Course Tuition ¥18,000, Equipment Rental ¥3,000 (Rental of Dive Equipment and Surface-supply Air Diving Equipment for the Course)


NACDS Commercial Diving Supervisor Course (Min. Class size is 4) (For certified and experienced Commercial Divers only)
Course Duration: 4 Days (2 Days Academic + 2 Days Openwater)
Course Tuition
¥18,000, Equipment Rental ¥3,000 (Rental of Dive Equipment and Surface-supply Air Diving Equipment for the Course)


NACDS Commercial Diving Instructor Course (Min. Class size is 4) (For certified and experienced NACDS Commercial Diving Supervisors only)
Course Duration: 8 Days (6 Days Academic + 2 Days Openwater)
Course Tuition ¥30,000, Equipment Rental ¥3,000 (Rental of Dive Equipment and Surface-supply Air Diving Equipment for the Course)


All Course Packages do not cover any Diving Insurance, students are advised to arrange his/her own Insurance, if required.


Students are required to have their scuba diving equipment for the course.  Surface-Supplied Air Diving System with Voice Communication used for the Course will be provided on rental basis and shall be paid by students.

Besides dive equipment sales, SZSWC also conducts [Equipment Maintenance Workshop] to divers on regular basis for familiarization and maintenance of dive equipment.  Participants may obtain hand on experiences on disassembly, assembly, testing and pressure setting of various types of BCDs and Regulators (Piston and Diaphragm types) at this one-day Workshop.




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