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SZSWC's Office, Equipment Showroom and Dive Activity Centre is located by the sea of Dapeng Dong Shan Village at Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen, China (PRC), it only takes about one hour by car from Luohu. Dive activity is available on daily basis during Summer (April - November) upon advance booking. Hotels and Seafood Restaurants are available at nearby, these allow maximum flexibility for weekend training and dive activities. For information of Shenzhen dive activities, dive sites profiles, charges for boat diving activities and rental of equipment rental etc., please browse [Shenzhen Diving Activities].

It is highly recommended that Foreigners who participate in diving activities at Dapeng area should always bring along with their Passport or Residential Permit for security check.


Landmark (GPS): Shenzhen Dong Shan Business Hotel

Find your ways to the starting point of the East Coast Express Way(东部沿海高速) located at Liantang(莲塘)if you started from Luohu. Take the East Coast Express Way, it will connect you to the Yan Ba Express Way (Toll Highway) as you drive along, you will pass through the Da Mei Sha - Xiao Mei Sha - Xi Yong - Tu Yang. After Tu Yang, pay attention to the lane on your right that direct you to the Kuiyong Toll Station(葵涌高速公路收费站).

After passing through the Kuiyong Toll Station, turn Left at the Traffic Light to the road towards Dapeng Peninsula, follow this highway and you will pass through the Leigongshan Tunnel and Diefushan Tunnel.

After the Diefushan Tunnel, keep driving on this road towards Dapeng Peninsula for about 3 minutes (This is the road that indicated as S 359 on the Map below), keep on the right lane and pay attention to the road sign (Blue color) for Buxin Intersection(布新立交)on your right, exit the Highway from Buxin Intersection(布新立交). Turn Left on the first junction, and then turn Right at the junction with Traffic Light to the Kuinan Road 葵南路. As you drive along this Kuinan Road, you will see a big sign of Shui Tou Seafood Market(水头海鲜街)on your left. Keep on the Left lane that directed you to Dong Shan(东山)/ Yang Mei Keng(杨梅坑). This is the road that indicated as X 260 (Xinda Road) on the Map.

Keep following the road signs (on the top) to Shenzhen Marine Training Centre and Yang Mei Keng, about 10 - 15 minutes, you will arrive at Xidong Road, keep following the Xidong Road to the end and turn left to Yang Mei Keng.

Take the Main Road to Yang Mei Keng for about 1000 meters, you will find a turning point to the Left (Dong Shan). Turn left and go for about 500 meters you will find the Gate Entrance to Dong Shan Pier, follow the road and go to the end, our Scuba World (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. is on your right.

Any questions, please call Mr. Li on (86) 138 2522 3300.


装备展销 / 潜水基地

Dive Centre

69 (东山商务宾馆后面)

No. 69, Dong Shan Village, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, China (PRC)
(Shenzhen Dong Shan Business Hotel)

Tel.: (86-755) 2831 5636 or (86) 138 2522 3300 / 138 2522 9944
电邮  E-mail: inquiry@szswc.com or kkli@szswc.com

办公时间:星期一至星期日  上午九时至下午六时
Office Hour: 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Monday to Sunday